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Basic Commands

*...* = Not needed. | (...) = Required.

/rules - Display server rules.
/help - Opens up this page.
/vote - Open voting links.
/donate - Open donation store.


/spawn - Teleports to spawn.
/sethome *name* - Set home to current position.
/home *name* - Teleports to home.
/market - Teleports to market area, near spawn.

/tpa (name) - Send request to teleport to the player.
/tpaccept - Accept teleport request.
/tpdeny - Deny teleport request.


/afk - Set your status to away from keyboard.
/money - Display your balance.
/pay (name) (amount) - pay money to other player.

How to use Markets?

1. Get to the marketplace with command /market.
2. Rent a stall. Find sign and right click it.
3. Place Chest inside your rented stall.
4. Take the item you want to sell to your hand.
5. Hold SHIFT (crouch) and punch chest with the item.
6. Type the price you want to sell that item for in chat. Only numbers.
7. Place items to chest and you are ready.
You can rent stalls up to 7 Days, just click the rent sign again, and it extends.

Remember to get your items back before time ends, stalls reset after time ends.